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Sat May 14 16:20:40  #91

Re: RP Intro, Forms, & Approval

Name: Eternal
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them
Sexuality: Bi
Deity of (Up to 3 things): Souls, Vengeance and the Moon
Powers/Abilities: Powerful soul magic, summon weapons, psychometry, celestial manipulation, healing, concealment
Appearance(s): Lion-footed (from knee downwards), ibis winged goddess. Stands around 5’10”, lithe athletic build, pale skin. Brown, curly, collar-bone length hair and piercing silver eyes. Outfit varies, generally monochrome or netural colours with silver ornaments.
Magic generally appears violet.
Personality: A whip-smart goddess. Though she tries her best to be tolerant, she has a vicious temper and penchant for combat. Can come across as quite confrontational to some, which sometimes gets her into trouble.
*Typically Worshiped By: Species that I have yet to make a form for
Domain: As yet unnamed
*Temples: N/A
Weapons: Most often some sort of bladed spear/staff, among myriad others
Backstory: Has been a deity for an unknown amount of time (couple thousand years at very least), bound to domain. Will be elaborated further as soon as I can gather aspects into a cohesive idea
Other: Ammit.

Would also like to make poeple aware of a few minor tweaks to Ephemeris. She’ll go back to being known as Nox, will be goddess of magic and the stars rather than war, love and the stars, and will have shorter black hair. Don’t think they’re big enough changes to warrant another form.

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Sat May 14 23:07:08  #92

Re: RP Intro, Forms, & Approval

Hey hey

I accept thy form, under the condition ofc that I get to see more of that good good character and idea development! I'm looking forward to it!

Oh also btw if you could post any plot disscussion stuff you have here in the boardhost as well so everyone can see that would also be pretty cool too.

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Sun May 15 04:35:59  #93

Re: RP Intro, Forms, & Approval

Thanks Time. I’ll make a post for the plot stuff now!

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