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Forum rules

By joining this site, you agree that you have read, comprehend, and will abide by all of the following rules. Not doing so will result in warnings and bans.

1. All rules, roleplay-related and otherwise, are mostly shared with those on the Gods, Goddesses, and Deities Wiki. However, the rules on this site precede over those on the wiki.

2. The credit for ideas/setting for the roleplay go to Bengal. Credit for the baseline rules go to previous roleplayers for this FWRP.

3. Please avoid swearing in public threads unless all members agree that it is okay. This is not a hard rule, and homethreads are exempt. The general idea is to be aware of others' preferences.

4. No X-rated content — don't be gross, y'all.

5. "Be nice or pay the price" -Mockingjay 2k18 "DON'T BE AN ***HOLE" -Bengal 2k18 Please be respectful to others and treat them with kindness and dignity that you would expect them to give you.

6. "No minimodding — enforcing the rules is okay, but don't pretend to be a mod." If there is something of concern that you need to communicate privately, please feel free to report it to one of the mods or to the mod team.

7. Please respond accordingly to the user registration inquiries. -Please create a recognizable username if you are from the GGaD wiki or a similar platform. -If you have changed your nickname since the forums era, please indicate that you were from the forums, and provide your former nickname and/or username if possible. -If the above does not apply to you, please just indicate that you are a newcomer and tell us the name you prefer to go by. The mods will reach out to you to welcome you and give you information on navigating the forum. Unfortunately, if we are unable to tell if you are a human or a bot, your account will likely be rejected and deleted, so please do pay this ample attention.

10. Lastly, rules may be changed and new rules may be added by mods/admins at any time.

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