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Sat Jun 11 01:40:48  #1

Six Years Til a Decade, One Year Til Half

(Mods~ Galaxian's being dramatic again~)

Less explaining, more, uh, typing! The stutter was Time's fault. Really, talking, typing...I just sound incoherent either way, okay? Smh.

@Specter - I am aware that I am sending this at a time where we haven’t been able to talk as much as usual, and I guess that applies to just about everyone here. But the same pertains, as usual. Thanks for being the true you on here, whether that means conveying enthusiasm about F/GO or JJBA (or any other topic). I understand that you’re stepping into a more unknown part of life now, but I have full faith that you will find your best path to success and happiness. Let me know if there’s anything I can do on the way, and thanks for staying with us. 

@Echo - Thank you for being willing to show weakness to the rest of us. This is obviously really just one thing out of many, but no matter whether it’s your art, your homethread posts, or anything else, I have always appreciated seeing you grow and hope to be able to continue doing so in the future. And as usual, thank you for being so willing to give the best of what you have to us. I personally will likely never be able to come close to repaying what you have given me, but please always keep in mind that you are a great friend and a lovely human being who is always striving to improve themselves and, in the process, improves the world around them. Thank you for the four years, and I look forward to the years ahead. 

@Eliza - Thank you for the enthusiasm you bring into the forum for what you do, especially towards what you do outside of the forum. I love seeing what you’re up to, especially with how happy you seem with it. I hope you continue doing what you love and finding even more things that you’ll enjoy. Do so in moderation and safely, of course, but I trust that you have that in your judgment already. Good luck with all life-related things, and I hope to talk to you more soon! 

@Time - I hope I don’t make you uncomfortable with this, but thank you for being genuine. I know that you’re not exactly the type of person who’s always emotional and/or expresses himself like that constantly, and that can sometimes be a little awkward on my end, but at the end of the day, I’ll always take you acting like who you are rather than someone you aren’t. Your sense of humor is also a treat along with your consideration for others. Good luck rounding up your school year, and I hope to keep seeing you around. :D 

@Axel - Thanks for continuing to roleplay and making occasional homethread posts and such. I know you probably spend more time on Discord, but it’s cool how easily you meld into what’s going on. I look forward to seeing more Ark development and more of your characters in general. Otherwise, hope life in general is going well for you! 

@Russet - Last time I made this sort of post, you said that my posts are good at making you feel sad. So, even though I still need to ask you what that means, I hope this one doesn’t make you feel sad :-P. 
I guess this is pretty unoriginal, but thank you for checking in the community. You have a special sense of humor, and when you pop in with it, it’s always a bright time of the day, even if I don’t understand some of the jokes whatsoever. I also don’t talk about this enough, but I also appreciate you being uplifting. I know that I can make some pretty bad decisions in terms of what I post (or in general, what’s new lol), so thanks for bearing with me on that, and thanks for being nice.
Otherwise, I hope your life is going well. Most of all, I hope your parents have given up on the NFT income idea, not that I understand what NFTs are even now. (: 

@Autumn - Thank you for checking in on the community even though you don’t roleplay here. It’s always nice seeing your posts on games and stuff (even though I am 100% lost while reading them lol, my reading comprehension shuts down on a whim). Not to mention, I’m sure many of us appreciate you being willing to chime in on a thread when you come in. I hope you continue feeling comfortable coming in once in a while, and always do let us know how you’re doing if you want. Good luck on anything school-related and non-school-related; I’m sure you’ll do great.  

@Xenon - Thanks for being willing to check back even after a long while and for continuing to take care of your GGaD characters. I’m sure that you had an irreplaceable presence in this roleplay when you were more active in it, and I understand that the people you roleplayed with more are mostly inactive now, but always feel free to return more fully if you want to. And in the meantime, good luck with what’s going on in your life, and always feel free to visit the forum when you want! 

@Effervescence - I probably should be DMing you this or something, but in any case, thank you for continuing to return to the roleplay. More recently, thanks for being comfortable enough to propose your plot idea. I think that it vitalized the community quite a bit, and we as a community will always appreciate that. I hope that life goes well for you and that you’ll be able to become more active here soon! We look forward to getting to know you better and getting to work with you more, and I hope you’ll like it here as well. 

@Ishmael - Thank you for your funny Discord statuses and chill presence on the forum. (I hope the first part doesn’t imply that I laugh at your suffering, because maybe I kind of am, but not intentionally :’).) It’s always nice to hear from you about how life is going and what games you’re playing, even if some of us still aren’t at that point in life yet or haven’t even heard of those games. I hope that you continue feeling comfortable enough to give those updates, even if only occasionally. Hope life goes well for ya! 

@Ash - Heyy, t!daily gang, yeah? Haha. I haven’t talked to you much recently, so it’s probably a little awkward that I’m doing this (also, you might not even see this, lol), but thanks anyways for being part of the community. I appreciate you claiming the dailies with some of us on the bot channel because, to me, that means that you’re still keeping an eye on the server and those of us on it. So regardless of whether you’ll return to the roleplay at some point, it’s been nice seeing you around, and I hope life is going well for you. 

@Tuti - Bet you didn’t think I’d write something to you. Or maybe you forgot I existed entirely. Anyhow, thanks for being Specter’s friend. Always feel free to become more active here if you wish, and good luck with your life. 

@Cleaver - Yeah, I dunno why I’m writing this here either. But you’re also one of those members of the community who I feel like I either never really spoke to enough or I pestered too much. Not sure if you’ll really see this (I should definitely be DMing this to you instead, but no), but thank you (and your characters) for tolerating mine. I loved roleplaying with you and hope that I can still do so with you in the future, if time permits. Otherwise, thanks for being you, and I hope life goes well for you. :D

@Imagine, Zane, and other forumers who cared enough to find this place and register - Dunno when you all will check in again, but I appreciated you checking in with the forum. It means a lot to me personally. It signifies that forumers really weren’t kidding when they said that the forums held a special part in their heart that wouldn’t disappear over time, and sometimes that’s a faith I can lose. So, thanks for caring about that special place. I hope you do well in life, and talk to you sometime. 

To all–yeah, it’s my fourth forum anniversary today. But without you guys, it wouldn't be something so special. And by that I mean--no matter whether it’s those of you who are still here or those who are out there in the world somewhere, you mean so much to me, and knowing you is genuinely one of my greatest privileges. So, regardless of where you are in life at the moment or where you plan to go, there will always be a Galaxian out there believing in you and occasionally cheering you on. I hope that you all will find your happiest place with the best companions. And for those of you who are still here, whether occasionally or…less occasionally, your existence is a blessing of immeasurable value to me. I too wish you the best in your ongoing and future lives, and I hope that you will continue being your best selves, no matter how that may be defined for you.
Thank you for everything, and again, signing this post off– 

-Galaxian Explosion- 

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Sat Jun 11 01:47:49  #2

Re: Six Years Til a Decade, One Year Til Half

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Sat Jun 11 08:02:44  #3

Re: Six Years Til a Decade, One Year Til Half


fr tho at first I thought you were leaving and I was panicking lol

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Sat Jun 11 18:48:55  #4

Re: Six Years Til a Decade, One Year Til Half

Ah, this is quite kind. To think that this has been going on for so long now is quite amazing. Just a little, small group of people sticking together.

Galaxian, I think without you, this we'd be really missing a key part of the group. You do lots of the organizing here, and have done plenty much for our group.

I as per usual I think now, don't have too many words to say when it comes to this stuff, but I'm glad, and I'm sure everyone here is too, to have you with us.

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Sun Jun 12 04:36:13  #5

Re: Six Years Til a Decade, One Year Til Half

thanks you very much!

I also thought you were leaving and was panicking for the first bit 


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Sun Jun 12 18:48:03  #6

Re: Six Years Til a Decade, One Year Til Half

Dedication and will helped me find this.  Oh and Fantasy too.  2019 is when I met the world of WoFMB and after it closed I spent a lot of time looking and I found it.  Thanks for the warm words amigo.  I love all of you crazy people!


Sun Jun 12 22:43:41  #7

Re: Six Years Til a Decade, One Year Til Half

Even if I'm busy or if circumstances don't let me post as much as I would like, all I can ask for really is that we stay friends. And this goes for everyone, not just Galaxian.
We are, after all, a "nice little group" :D. I can say for sure that I'm not gonna stop posting about my interests anytime soon, so y'all had better get ready for some random thoughts on mine about what I like.

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Thu Jun 16 21:05:20  #8

Re: Six Years Til a Decade, One Year Til Half

oops I'm seeing this super late

I know I'm not that active here but I'm glad to talk with everyone whenever I do. I hope everything goes well for you too!

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Thu Jun 23 00:38:58  #9

Re: Six Years Til a Decade, One Year Til Half

@Tuti - Bet you didn’t think I’d write something to you. Or maybe you forgot I existed entirely. Anyhow, thanks for being Specter’s friend. Always feel free to become more active here if you wish, and good luck with your life. 

Yes, you right i didnt think you would write something to me. thank you so much!
No, i didnt forgot you guys existed. in fact you were in my mind more than i expected.


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Sun Jul 31 15:48:51  #10

Re: Six Years Til a Decade, One Year Til Half

I'm late but


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