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Homethreads » Time's Boardhost Homethread - Time's Boardhost Homethread » Yesterday 13:16:07

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Stardust is just the superior aesthetic /j
Honestly the colors for Seafoam are very nice and they tempted me, but I couldn't avoid going straight for stars and stuff. It's just too cool.
I did see that more than half of the people in my original hitlist (being edited rn lol) went for Stardust, hmm. Feels like that one is popular.

Homethreads » The Idea Fortress 🍭👻🍭 Specter's Homethread, » Yesterday 13:11:39

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I had something in mind to put here but I can't really remember what it was right now. So I'll just say I love fried rice because yes I love fried rice.
Also my favorite mug broke ): the upside is that I glued it back together and it's now a paintbrush stand so I still get to look at its design on my desk now (it's a painting-style of cats riding bikes with a city background)

Homethreads » The Idea Fortress 🍭👻🍭 Specter's Homethread, » Yesterday 13:09:22

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I'm feeling like I want to start a new painting, but I lost my white paint tube ):

Homethreads » The Lost Library 3.0 // Autumn's Homethread » Yesterday 13:07:27

Artfight hype lesgoooo!
Looking forward to participating as I can, hehe. Also super excited to see you guys' art in my subscription feed 👁️  👁️ The more the merrier as they say  :>
And what Autumn said is true ^^ you can set up a single character or do a single attack. Whatever feels best to you. And if just spectating is cool for you, then epic (make sure to follow though xD)

Ongoing » [F/DA] Sunny did a whoopsie! » Yesterday 13:02:34

Caster continued stepping lightly at Sunny's side as they traversed the street.
The boy did seem interested in the area, as he turned his head this way and that to look up at the buildings. And, although his Master seemed to know the way, it would be better to get a mental map of the surroundings.
Upon entering the hotel, Caster's first action was to stare at the man who greeted them--but as soon as he noticed Sunny's wave he relaxed almost instantly and waved as well.
It was just a timid little wave, one that would probably suggest shyness. He tried to copy the salute before heading away with Sunny as well, though this motion was not as noticeable due to his hat's brim.

Ongoing » [F/DA] To tread a shadowed path, to call upon the light » June 21, 2024 17:10:49

The chant, although altered, had an effect. The principles of magecraft must have remained the same.
A glowing contour faded into view around the lines on the floor, seemingly pulsating in rhythm to the spoken words. Pressure built up alongside the tension that could nearly be touched in the air.
It burst out into a beam of light and wind at the end of the exclamation.

A hand, extended.
Feeling ran through it, all the way to the fingertips. The hand closed and retracted in a fist.
It was as if she grabbed hold of her existence.
I’m here.
I’m me.

The pair of seconds lasted an eternity with flashing thoughts in her mind.
Finally, her fist unfurled and brushed through a side of her hair. The strands flicked around from the settling air in the area.
She opened her eyes of sharp gray and stared forward as the light around her vanished out of sight.
Who will tie me down to this world now?

The pale lady clad in blue grinned with a hand on her hip. Her posture radiated confidence, while her sight quickly focused on the person in front of her to boldly look them all over.

Homethreads » The Palais Garnier Opera House - Echo's Totally Not Haunted Homethread » June 19, 2024 16:31:01

Echo and Vio learning coding just to make their dream Vampire Dating Sim game a reality

Ongoing » [F/DA] Sunny did a whoopsie! » June 18, 2024 09:03:44

Caster fearlessly met the eyes of a handful of passersby, flicking his sight away as they didn’t stop to stare. Since they didn’t seem to be interested in stopping, he saw no need to read their intent.
The boy turned to regard Sunny as the latter spoke. Now they had an objective to go towards, but on looking towards the area that had been signaled, he couldn’t find the title “Café” written on any of the building signs. After that brief turning away, he met Sunny’s gaze once more with a blank nod.
“Okay. Let’s go.”

Homethreads » The Idea Fortress 🍭👻🍭 Specter's Homethread, » June 15, 2024 17:52:41

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Artfight registrations opened early and ai am SOOOOOOOO HYPED literally hopping up and down right now
I'm on team STARDUST because of course I would pick that one LET'S GO TEAM GO GO

I can't wait to sort out my bookmarks list in the following days once the page traffic has calmed down a bit and more people have picked their teams

Homethreads » The Idea Fortress 🍭👻🍭 Specter's Homethread, » June 14, 2024 23:43:47

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Two of my faves in the same fanart lesgoooooo

Ongoing » [F/DA] Sunny did a whoopsie! » June 14, 2024 23:37:31

This is what happens when you travel with someone who isn't constantly going "are we there yet".

At some point during the ride Caster had taken off the hat so it would not bother him while there was no need to shield his face from sunlight or the gazes of strangers. Now the boy stood trying to adjust the hat again in a way the brim wouldn't cover his entire sight. Hours ago he had managed an okay angle, but now it just seemed to continuously slip over the upper half of his face.
Perhaps sitting atop the hat during the ride hadn't been the brightest idea.
But this was just a slight discomfort. Caster resorted to holding the brim up with his left hand so he could see Sunny and was met with what he interpreted as a lost expression. Well... maybe giving him a bit of time before saying anything would be good. Or maybe he could just ask.

There was also the issue of getting used to the surroundings. How pleasant to see some greenery, even if it was limited by the construction designs around. That wasn't something Caster knew too much about, though, aside from figuring that the city appeared to be a bit nicer than he had imagined. A lot of tall buildings for sure and a bunch of gray, but that was surely just a product of the current age.
People kept moving around. Now with his hat brim up, he could follow their movements with his eyes. Although Caster didn't feel much attention directed towards himself or his Master, he kept his sight and ears alert for any indication that someone might be staring or approaching.

Homethreads » Time's Boardhost Homethread - Time's Boardhost Homethread » June 12, 2024 16:32:32

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Time wrote:

I love Ishmael (Limbus Company) 😍😍😍

Bro thinks he Echo

Homethreads » The Idea Fortress 🍭👻🍭 Specter's Homethread, » June 12, 2024 15:50:09

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I honestly don't mind reading you guys' posts, they're entertaining xD

Galleries/Collections » An Amateur Artist's Art Array ~ Specter's art collection » June 12, 2024 15:48:34

Thank you guys 💖 I mentioned this up there but this is me trying to imitate another artist's style. Even then though if you don't look at it as an imitation, I have to admit I'm proud of how it turned out ;P

Galleries/Collections » An Amateur Artist's Art Array ~ Specter's art collection » June 10, 2024 12:37:51

Finally done with this:

Particulars: Excessively imaginative, wanderlusted
Despite her penchant for threatening to behead others at the slightest inconvenience, this Sinner is relatively harmless and compliant. Her unconventional way of interpreting situations may provide insight when faced with puzzling circumstances as much as it can complicate the simplest of exchanges. It is at your discretion to ignore her unrequested ramblings to keep confusion from spreading among the team. She brings with her a frankly strange combat style, but once the other sinners learn to avoid her wild swings, she can serve as an element of surprise for unsuspecting opponents. Be sure to never leave her unsupervised—her tendency to wander off at the slightest distraction combined with a nonexistent sense of direction may result in having to take time off the current mission to bring her back.


Soo, Limbus OC time! I love my Alice even if she’s a little loopy haha.
Her story is not 100% defined because there’s still a bunch of in-universe lore that I don’t know but I hope to eventually have her fit perfectly into The City’s lore. Even then, I’ve had lots of fun thinking up ideas and possibilities (thanks to Time for helping me craft the character) and figuring out character design.

Anyways, as you can see, I attempted to imitate the official style for Limbus Company. I think I did just okay, though the hardest part by far was the coloring and even then I don’t think I got that down too well. Still, though, if you take it as an imitation, I’m proud of how it turned out. It’s been a very long time since I last drew that tiny little nose and the one line for the mouth lol. And I could not elongate the legs enough. But that’s okay.
Too late while coloring I noticed that the official artist uses a different kind of thicker colored lineart, while I went for thin lines everywhe

Ongoing » [F/DA] The coming of the first morn » June 8, 2024 08:34:47

That's not procrastination, that's exhaustion.
Caster seems to be very entertained with looking out the window. Judging by his earlier actions, chances are he's still alert to his surroundings, and of course he's aware of Sunny's movements, but for the time being the boy's eyes are fixed on the outside.
He won't bother his Master as he tries to sleep. Not really out of consideration as much as that he doesn't have anything in particular to be said.
He just settled and waited for the ride to continue.

Homethreads » The Idea Fortress 🍭👻🍭 Specter's Homethread, » June 8, 2024 08:19:19

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One day I'll watch Heaven's Feel, they say it's a masterpiece and the animation intrigues me but for some reason I still haven't dared look into it

Homethreads » Cosmic Dim. (V. XVIII), You're Correct but You're Not Right » June 6, 2024 22:59:19

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I've seen the name of Rerise of Poseidon around, what is it exactly?

Homethreads » The Idea Fortress 🍭👻🍭 Specter's Homethread, » June 6, 2024 22:57:44

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I guess that makes more sense for his character. Once again, I can't really remember a whole lot  about Shirou himself so I'm sorta reluctant to just bring out an opinion xD my current view on him is like memes and UBW Abridged and SWORDS and yeah it's not a very serious memory at all xD

Kiritsugu is like, peak.

Ongoing » [F/DA] The coming of the first morn » June 6, 2024 22:55:06

Looking at everything pass by was quite the novelty for Caster. He wouldn't have had any problem with traversing a long path on foot, but that really wasn't the best course of action in the current situation. Plus, Sunny seemed like he already had a lot of things planned out. 
So Caster made himself comfortable. He drew up his legs onto the seat and repositioned his arms so as to get a more comfortable lean against the window. Hopefully the bus wouldn't brake suddenly or anything. 
He couldn't see every single detail on the greenery outside like this, but the sight was still relaxing in a familiar way.

Ongoing » [F/DA] The coming of the first morn » June 5, 2024 22:53:29

As soon as he confirmed that Sunny was on his way to the seats, Caster sat down and slid towards the window seat.
For a few seconds, he looked all prim and proper, with his hands folded in his lap and feet dangling a few centimeters above the ground. The seat was a little too high for him. Once the jolt of the bus's movement was felt, though, he immediately turned over to the window and pressed his forehead against it. And his hands too.
The insides of the bus had become wearisome to look at already. Caster watched the scenery outside, feeling the cold window glass on his skin. It didn't take long for it to fog up but that was nothing a quick wipe with his hand couldn't fix.

Galleries/Collections » Shapes and Colors and Nonsense idk- Echo's Art Thread » June 5, 2024 22:48:41

(Is it just me or does Time look a little bit east asian xD?)
That's so cool though, I think it's been a while since I last saw Chronos fanart. Also Echo is so adorable in the last image xD the return of shrimp eyes- I mean, totally adorable Echo puppy dog eyes. Or bunny eyes. 
In the colored piece at first I was thinking you drew all those lines by hands but then I figured out you got a brush (I think). It's really cool, lools a lil bit like colored pencils.

Homethreads » Time's Boardhost Homethread - Time's Boardhost Homethread » June 5, 2024 22:33:01

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I had Taco Bell once and I wasn't really impressed. I think I'm glad it's not popular in Peru (I thought it didn't exist here but I looked it up and it does)
It's kinda funny, I haven't had anything at In-n-Out but I do know it was the favorite place for a guy from California. I guess it checks out xD it's a burger place, right? Anything it stands out for?
Once at McDonalds when I was lil I got a cool Robin (from Batman) on a motorcycle and it was my favorite toy for so long. Way back when the happy meal toys were actually good.
Have you had Chicken Express? I really liked its okra, made it stand out a lot for me.

Homethreads » The Idea Fortress 🍭👻🍭 Specter's Homethread, » June 5, 2024 22:27:40

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Okay so replying to this now

Time wrote:

Oh no the other Emiya my bad lol. I mean Shirou. In my eyes he appears much more of the "heroic" type does he not?

I'm not sure how much I can say rn because I'm currently thinking of Shirou's portrayal in UBW Abridged xD
But uhhh trying to recall, I think I don't really like Shirou that much? He's okay, he's a main character and he has his reactions to things but I didn't really find his concept of justice to be too appealing. I feel like I remember thinking of him being kinda dumb.
It might be too that I just don't remember much, it's been a while. 

Homethreads » The Idea Fortress 🍭👻🍭 Specter's Homethread, » June 5, 2024 22:23:04

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I agree you two guys seem like you might like to share character analyses or something xD

Ongoing » [F/DA] The coming of the first morn » June 2, 2024 23:59:43

After looking over the ticket (quickly since it wasn't as detailed as the paper bill he had before), Caster went straight for one of the seats around the middle rows. He stopped and turned around when the driver spoke up again. Would Sunny join him in the seat soon?

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